Series 1 (year 2001)

Under we have picture of skeleton left form only Series 1 prototype. This unit that looks more like space ship was oxygen CCR.

It was equipped with 7l ALU O2 tank, and has room for another.

If has double counter lung construction, 1 lung in both ends of tube.

Breathing resistance was terrible. So this design was quickly abandoned.


(the beginning , my first try)


Series 2 (year 2002)

In Series 2 oxygen sensor was in set radial. Series 2 had 1 computer setup. It has little different back plate and 4L tanks.

(Series 2 sensor setup)


Series 3  (year 2003)

In Series 3 pack plate was changed to one that is easier to manufacture. Tanks Size was deduced to 2l/300bar or 3L/200bar.

Also scrubber was made little smaller. Mouthpiece was also not so prototype and smaller than in Series 2.

Series 3 was already very close to series 4. A major difference was that electronics was not duplicated.

Also some minor differences scrubbers’ structure.

Of course SW was not so Mature. It was lacking decompression functions totally and same settings were still missing.

Some picture of Series 3 electronics can be found from

Picture Collection Series3






Series 4  (year 2004)

Series4 will soon join other oldies…