BreatheWise Series 4 electronics HW0x400


Electronics Layout


Technical details

Display module:


Module includes micro controller PIC18F4620, 128x64 graphics LCD display, and 32kB of flash memory (24lc256),

Pietzo element for sound notifications.

User interface has be implemented by 2 dual action switches.




     Main components of display unit



Display controller main function is to be monitor that watches operational status of main controller. Display controller also performs full tri-mix dive computer operation. See software pages for more information.

     (display unit under test )

More details: BreatheWise Display Electronics



Scrubber electronics

Inside scrubber head lays Main computer. Main computer is also connection point for all sensors and 2 solenoids. Main computers main task is to perform oxygen control. Main electronics can continue its operations even if cable between scrubber and display is cut.



     Location of Main controller unit


     Main components of main controller unit

More details: BreatheWise Scrubber Electronics



PC LogBook Interface Unit

More details: BreatheWise PCinterface Electronics





Schematics And CAD files

Schematics and PCB layouts Can be found here

You need EAGLE Layout Editor (http://www.cadsoft.de/) to open these files.