BreatheWise Series 4 mechanics.


BreatheWise Series 4 ready to go



Mechanics Layout


Mechanics include following parts

     Scrubber (1.11)

Removes CO2 and has room for O2-sensors and main controller electronics.

     Lungs (1.00)

Has room store exhale gas, left lung has also diluents addition valve. Auto dump valve is located on right lung.

     Mouth Piece (1.12)

Includes one way mushroom valves and simple closing method when diver does not use rebreather.

     Back Plate (1.02)

Aluminum plate to keep everything together

     Cover (na)

Series 4 does not have cover.

     Display (2.00)

Housing to cover display electronics.



BreatheWise mechanical layout (have to make better picture)

PVC is main material because its very easy to glue and machinery.






Scrubber if made from PVC plastics. Top of scrubber is reserved for electronics and bottom for CO2 absorber.

Diameter is 160mm (about 6 and ) Height 238mm, 9 3/8



More details: BreatheWise Scrubber (not yet, put soon)



Lungs are made from blue PVC based hose. Diameter hose used is 100mm (4) so when lungs are flat they are about 160mm (6 1/4) wide. Hoses are from Scott Autoflow respirator.

More details: BreatheWise Lungs (not yet)


Mouth Piece

Mouthpiece was made PVC tube with outer diameter of 40mm(1 ).

One-way valves were from Scott pro mask.

Closing valve was made from nylon. Closing valve was machinery to be 0.005 mm larger than inside diameter of PVC tube. No O-rings was used.

More details: BreatheWise Mouth Piece (to be added)


Back Plate

Back plate that keeps everything together is made from 3mm (1/8) Aluminum.


More details: BreatheWise Back Plate (may be later)



Series 4 did not have Case even some ideas exist.



[display without bottom you can see right thru silicone ]

Display mechanics is quite easy. I decide not to try make some clumsy pressure tight construction, like in Series 3. But instead I made very lightweight frame from aluminum and filled insiders of housing with special silicone. Only battery compartment is watertight.

More details: BreatheWise Display (soon)



CAD files

You need copy DesingCAD ( open these files.

Or You can use free viewer from


Scrubber (1.10)

Mouth Piece


Back Plate

(Unfortunately these files are badly out of date)